Friday, 29 November 2013

Councillor's Diary Week ending 1st December 2013

This week has been good for Ramsgate:
Ellington Park
The Friends of Ellington Park have secured £50k from People’s Millions after a public vote. Apart from the obvious benefit to the park, it will encourage the group in their bid to the lottery for major funding, it gives Ramsgate Town Council confidence that their grant to the group was well spent, and it shows that Ramsgate folk are willing to get off their backsides in support of the town. The spirit that won a previous People’s Millions bid for Ramsgate Tunnels is still with us.
Project Motorhouse
TDC have signed the agreement handing Westcliff hall over to Project Motorhouse. Hats off to Janet and the Motorhouse board for their persistence with this hugely ambitious project to restore the hall and create a performing arts centre in Ramsgate. I’m told that the £20k grant that TDC gave the project about a year ago for survey work was a significant morale boost.
Ramsgate Tunnels
Ramsgate Tunnels have set an opening date of June next year. A £20k grant from TDC has made works to clear asbestos and debris from the tunnels possible. This will make an opening for limited guided tours a possibility. The tunnels group have finalised their bid to the heritage lottery for the next stage of the project.
Ramsgate Town Team
Ramsgate small businesses have agreed to set up a “Ramsgate Town Team” to co-ordinate their efforts to improve the town centre and stimulate footfall. This will enable the group to draw down the £10k on offer from Government and £60k from TDC to spend on suitable projects.
Ramsgate Seafront
The two major legacies from the years of neglect by the Tories at TDC are nearing resolution. Pleasurama, or Royal Sands approaches a significant deadline in the development agreement in March 2014. The developer has proposed significant changes to the agreement that they say will enable them to recommence work. Legal advice on the Council’s options is expected shortly which will lead to a decision ending the uncertainty over this site. The Royal Victoria Pavilion’s future should also be resolved shortly following negotiations to persuade Rank to give up their lease on the building and TDC’s decision to offer a new extended lease to the right tenant.
Neighbourhood Plan
The decision by Ramsgate Town Council to develop a Neighbourhood plan for Ramsgate has attracted an increasing amount of interest from the public and other interested parties. Efforts are now underway to co-ordinate people’s ideas so that the money on offer to help develop and consult on the plan can be released.
The Granville House
The basement, ballroom and bar of the Granville House are in a sorry state. I have promised to consult TDC officers about what can be done carrot and stick to remedy this.
Ramsgate Primary Schools
KCC has a real problem to provide enough primary school places across Thanet and in including Ramsgate. Families are having to travel long distances to school. This is due to increased birth rate and inward migration (dfl). Sites for expansion or new schools are being sought.
Week beginning 25th Nov
Mon Meeting to finalise bid to Armed Forces Covenant for education centre at Monkey House
Tue Casework: Central Avenue, Turner Street
Wed Breakfast meeting to set up Ramsgate Town Team
Briefing by TDC Planning Officers
Thu Meeting concerning Granville House Bar and basement
Ramsgate Town Council Amenities Committee Meeting
Fri Project Motorhouse handover
Meeting with KCC Education concerning Primary School places.
Sat Ramsgate Society

Week beginning 2nd Dec
Mon Casework: Turner Street
Public Meeting: Possible Cliftonville conservation area
Tue TDC Labour Group Meeting
Meeting to Finalise “Defending Our shores” Covenant bid
Meeting concerning TDC response Bedroom Tax
Wed 1st Meeting of Ramsgate Town Team
East Kent Housing Area Board Meeting
Ramsgate Town Council, Town Promotion Committee Meeting
Thu Meeting TDC Cabinet with Senior Management Team
Housing Estate Inspection – Royal Crescent area
TDC Council Meeting including lobby on Bedroom Tax

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