Sunday, 15 December 2013

Councillor's Diary, Week ending 15th December 2013

Make it Count – TDC Budget Consultation
Thanet District Council has seen its formula grant from central government reduced by 36 per cent over the past three years and significant further cuts are anticipated in coming years, including a like-for-like reduction of 18 per cent in 2014/15.
The council has already made savings of nearly £5m between 2011/12 and 2013/14, while making no increase in its council tax, but further savings of £1.8m are now required to balance the 2014/15 budget and it is increasingly difficult to find these without impacting on frontline services.
To help prioritise resources, the council is urging residents to take part in the latest budget consultation to ensure that the limited funds available are used on the services which matter the most to local people. This consultation launched on Tuesday 3 December.
From Tuesday 3 December the council is asking for residents’ views on their priority services. Visit to take part.

No Use Empty Loans in Cliftonville
Thanet Council’s programme to fundamentally change the Housing Intervention Area in Cliftonville and Central Margate is having encouraging impacts with nearly 200 properties upgraded as family homes or well on the way to being restored. To keep the momentum going and to encourage owner occupation we have developed a scheme to use £1M of grant money to make available up to £20k interest free loans to owner occupiers restoring properties that have stood empty for a number of years. The loans will be paid back over 5 -10 years, with the money being recycled into the scheme.

Ramsgate Town Plan Survey
Ramsgate Town Council has been asking residents about their priorities for the Town in the future. Of the services the Town Council provides, your top 4 were:
Representing Ramsgate on Planning Issues
Visitor Information Service
Events and Events Funding
Decorative Lighting
Of matters that the Town Council may influence higher authorities, your top 5 were (as they say in no particular order):
Restrict development on open spaces (TDC, Neighbourhood Plan)
Improve Parking provision (TDC, KCC)
Improved Leisure Facilities (TDC, KCC)
Increase visible Policing on the streets (Police, Police Commissioner)
Discourage dog fouling (TDC)

On the Buses
Our review of Thanet bus services, highlights are:
96% of buses operate on time
Only 0.2% are cancelled
89% have low access floors
8.1 Million passenger journeys (2% increase)
115 complaints
4 new bus shelters
352 stops with on line timetable information
Getting to Ramsgate By Bus


Week beginning 9th Dec

Mon Labour Party Meeting
Tue Futures for Heroes Launch
Meeting of Montefiore Heritage
Wed TDC Housing Cabinet Advisory
Thu Meeting TDC Cabinet with Senior Management Team
Harbour users group
Ramsgate Town Council Planning Meeting

Week beginning 16th Dec

Mon Meeting of Ramsgate Town Team
Tue Casework Artwise
Casework Granville House Basement
Transeuropa Scrutiny Committee
East Kent Housing Awards
Wed Live Margate Housing Intervention
Planning briefing
TDC Planning Committee
Thu Thanet Travel Forum
RTC Website Editorial
Ramsgate Tunnels Finance
TDC Cabinet/Senior Management Port Master Plan

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